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Destination Ares

You're running out of resources; everything is breaking. Keep your crew alive. · By Stralor


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Temporarily Not for Sale
Dear players, Destination Ares is temporarily disabled for new purchases, effective immediately. The ongoing situation in the US has become critical, and while...
Happy Launch! Here's a quick patch :)
This update is mostly Quality of Life, bringing in a bunch of fixes and improvements to clean up the experience. Notably, crew will do off-task work more often...
Today we leave early access. Welcome players, new and old! I think you'll like what you find in Destination Ares. By the way, Steam cards are here in time for...
1 file — 1.0.0
Quick Hotfix v0.9.1
Mostly pushed this build to fix a nasty crash. Also has a couple other minor polish changes that were put in before I found said crash...
1 file — 0.9.1
Now Available: v0.9.0
This is the last planned update before release on September 22nd! Version 0.9.0 brings a bunch of polish to the table. Most of the focus is on a revamp of the n...
1 file — 0.9.0
The Metagame Update - v0.8.0
This has been a whirlwind to make. The imminent update brings a ton of overhauls and metagame progression , in addition to new content. Expect a tutorial revam...
1 file — 0.8.0
Massive Overhaul (v0.7.0)
This is a huge patch. It also breaks saves. Aaaand, it also increases the game's difficulty by a fair margin. Good luck. I probably forgot to log a ton of thing...
June Update!!! v 0.6.2
I packed in all kinds of goodies this month. Version 0.6.2 is a huge Quality of Life update, and I think you'll love it. I was sure to put some oft requested fe...
1 file — 0.6.2
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I assume there will be no further sale for this game, after the "Games to help you stay inside" discount? (Maybe this ti...
started by SpiRec Mar 25, 2020
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