The Metagame Update - v0.8.0

This has been a whirlwind to make.

The imminent update brings a ton of overhauls and metagame progression, in addition to new content.

Expect a tutorial revamp and even more content in the next updates. Until then, enjoy!

Side note: Destination Ares' price will now be rising to it's release level, in anticipation of the upcoming launch. :)

Metagame Progression

  • Unlock content by spending advancement points
  • Gain advancement points from achievements
  • Gain advancement points from completed runs New Ships
  • Caelifera, a tiny new starter ship for beginner players to learn the ropes
  • Mantodea, a difficult but powerful ship for veterans

New Roles

  • Electrician — +2 Mechanical when repairing systems that consume energy
  • Maimed — Reduced movement speed
  • Athlete — Increased movement speed, less likely to get maimed
  • Military — increased priority when tasking (currently locked)

Balance Changes

  • HUD Warnings about beds, toilets, and kitchens now better account for ignored systems
  • Loneliness hits unconscious crew for less. Likely harder to get a death from it now, but also more likely to result in psychotic breaks (and dying while in a psychotic state)
  • Nerfed total loneliness amount
  • Added chance to become permanently maimed when falling unconcious from an injury
  • Low mass ships stay on course a bit better
  • Added storage leak HUD warning
  • Helms lose a *little* less raw speed when adjusting the ship
  • Events now give you all their resources (even if you can't store them)
  • Fuel cells have 1 latent capacity (even when turned off, but not when broken), in addition to the capacity gained while turned on
  • Reactors' 8 latent capacity now goes away when broken
  • Increased driftiness of ship (go offcourse less)
  • Crew will take more care of their needs
  • Increased hunger resistance
  • Reduced distance to Ares

Customization Options

  • Personalities can now be chosen in ship building, under crew appearance
  • Tons more ship stats unlockable: thrust, navigation, capacity, mechanical score, science score, command score, energy production, materials prod., oxygen recycling + prod., fuel prod., food prod., waste prod., and waste recycling

Fixes and Quality of Life Improvements

  • Killed a crash bug that's been around since ancient times! (fk yeah!!)
  • Cut the opening exposition down a bunch
  • Unplaced objects now trashed from your hand when opening menus in ship building
  • In-game achievement announcements
  • Detrimental roles are now colored red in tooltips
  • Event results now tracked correctly when result tags are off
  • Mouse pings show regardless of wildly different scene setups
  • Space dust is more uniform in speed (still a little differentiated for parallax)
  • Camera controls more lenient and spacious
  • Turned off system audios in ship building (it was annoying af)
  • Turned base music levels down a bit
  • More menu fading
  • Added reminder on controls bar on how to lock it open
  • A few minor HUD & UI tweaks

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Version 0.8.0 Aug 21, 2017

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