Temporarily Not for Sale

Dear players,

Destination Ares is temporarily disabled for new purchases, effective immediately.

The ongoing situation in the US has become critical, and while self-care and relief from that pain is important, it is the opinion of this American developer & publisher that this game can exacerbate a person's stress, considering current events. It's not the time for a stressful story about fleeing oppressive regimes and questioning the nature of humanity.

Instead, putting resources and time into changing our broken systems, caring for ourselves and others in what's to come, and enabling others to do the same is paramount right now.

Thank you for understanding. Black Lives Matter.


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wait no, it's been one and half years, god, even before the pandemic, well, at this point I call this game dead

must be true then

ye, ye, I don't see how this will help anything other than annoying us all. I just wanna play a game, and it's been half a year, can we have it back? 

xxx oooo