Happy Launch! Here's a quick patch :)

This update is mostly Quality of Life, bringing in a bunch of fixes and improvements to clean up the experience. 

Notably, crew will do off-task work more often. This should make the game a demonstrably easier for less attentive AIs. (You still won't win. Git gud)



  • Shortened how long it takes before the minigame tutorial turns on
  • Slowed minigame tutorial down
  • Clarified wording in minigame tutorial
  • Improved clickability of minigame's "Return to Ship" button
  • Destroyed systems are now more recognizable in their tooltips
  • Increased how often crew will do off-task work. Should see more idle usage and repairs, especially with jobless crew


  • Fixed some special loss events getting ignored if the player resumes a run after exiting the game
  • Fixed a couple achievement toggles (incl The Arean Trail. Grats if you got it free), though I suspect there's something else going on here
  • Fixed typo in one of the Madness possibilities
  • Fixed a bug in event management that had weird cascading effects
  • Fixed Loss events getting overridden
  • Fixed Loss events not spawning
  • Made some tweaks that hopefully prevent a rare, hard-to-reproduce crash
  • Fixed some blank crew chatter popping up


On a personal note, I'm glad to see the full game is well-liked — especially after a rough Early Access.

Sales haven't been enough, though. No one is surprised that getting visibility is not my strong suit. It seems that I am going to have to begin work on other projects; I've been working for nothing for too many years.

Still, I reserve the right to come back and add to this game at any time ;)


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