Now Available: v0.9.0

This is the last planned update before release on September 22nd!

Version 0.9.0 brings a bunch of polish to the table. Most of the focus is on a revamp of the new player experience, as well as improvements to the Game Over presentation. There's also a small bit of new content.

Tons more content coming for the launch!

v 0.9.0 Notes:

Beginner Experience Overhaul

  • Introducing your new frenemy: Guide Bot!
  • Ripped out the old tutorial
  • Fused together a second beginner ship: the Gerridae
  • Crafted a better (and more visible) explanation of the minigame 

New Content

  • Fuel Line Pressure event
  • "Viking Funeral" Achievement
  • Game Over events 


  • Slight gradient overlay
  • Ship naming input now has a red backdrop to match other UI elements
  • Talking happens in words and chunks, rather than each letter
  • Prettified the Game Over screen

Balance Changes

  • Radar now spends twice as much energy over time (doubled chance of burning energy)
  • Capped how far you can go off course


  • Fixed ships being unlocked when they shouldn't be

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Version 0.9.0 Sep 11, 2017

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