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Keep Your Crew Alive

You're the artificial intelligence for a colony ship limping its way to the red planet.

It's not easy. You're in a race against dwindling resources, and systems break down rapidly. Your crew are your only hope.

There's a catch: the crew members are independent beings. You can't control them. They're also fickle, needy, and (at times) incompetent. Still, you have to rely on them.

Take Fate into Your (Digital) Hands

Design your own ship. Customize everything.

Control the ship's systems. Set alarms to get the crew's attention. Respond to emergencies.

Die, alone and drifting, in the dark.

Brutal Resource Management

Deep mechanics, simple controls, responsive difficulty, short sessions, and randomized gameplay elements lead to a tight, challenging experience.

A single run takes about half an hour, but success takes hours of mastery.

An Uncaring World

Destination Ares is about losing power over time rather than gaining it. It's about the internal struggle instead of the external. There are no aliens or guns; just nonchalant blobs of water named Charlie.

Dev && Design Blog: http://blog.patrick-scott.com

Twitter: @_stralor

Music composed by R Kim Shultz. Soundtrack available here

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