Massive Overhaul (v0.7.0)

This is a huge patch.

It also breaks saves.

Aaaand, it also increases the game's difficulty by a fair margin. Good luck.

I probably forgot to log a ton of things. Here's what I remembered to tell you about:


  • Crew chat when you click on them
  • Systems turn on/ off when you click on them
  • Symbols and sounds when you can't turn systems on and off
  • Reverse pings
  • Tooltip for event type
  • Symbol next to systems to show disabled/ enabled more clearly
  • HUD warnings when you're at imminent risk
  • Loneliness stress (constant stress over time, increases as crew die, and if a crewmember is left alone - mitigated by having other crew around)
  • Added death by loneliness (and an achievement for it!)
  • Hermit role: ignores loneliness
  • Replaced Interpersonal skill with Command. Command (currently) increases time available in minigame and allows occasional ignoring of AI energy costs
  • Added ~150 new crew speeches
  • Reduced chance of repeating the same speech in short succession


  • Now right click is used to toggle the controls bar, instead of left
  • Current energy capacity is displayed in the resources HUD
  • Total energy capacity is explained in the tooltip
  • Revamped controls bar (both looks and functionality)
  • Reduced in-scene overhead by converting character speeches to data files not bound to the scene
  • Increased AI base energy burn rate
  • Reduced movement slowdown near mines in the minigame
  • Reduced starting time in minigame
  • Adjusted crew speech to match in-world lingo. It's now barely on this side of understandable, as it should be
  • Increased rate of system breakdown
  • Increased injector time per use
  • Increased distance to Ares by a third
  • Dead crew are now always beneath living crew
  • Updated tutorial to match new controls. I will be overhauling the whole tutorial soon, however


  • Broken mouse controls in minigame
  • Improved resolution of text in minigame
  • Crew no longer freezes up when they can't get to a destination (psst don't forget doors)
  • Crew no longer flicker between two different chat topics at once
  • Events will no longer stack on each other instantly
  • Systems are now hoverable instead of crew when over top
  • Doors on the two default ships have been resaved in the correct stack order

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