June Update!!! v 0.6.2

I packed in all kinds of goodies this month. Version 0.6.2 is a huge Quality of Life update, and I think you'll love it.

I was sure to put some oft requested features in this build:

  1. Highlighting resources on the HUD shows which systems consume or produce that resource. Great for learning what does what and how to get that random resource.
  2. Controls for seeing underneath crew are available (hotkeys + HUD). You can toggle whether you want systems or crew on top, basically. Great for getting at that system under the corpses ;)
  3. Game speed controls (pause/ play/ fastfoward) are now available on the HUD.

- - - -
Patch Notes


  • Added strained animation when system is both strained and in overdrive
  • Added added injection effect to system tooltips when relevant
  • Added a Standard event: "Puketastic"
  • Added successful events as a reduction on event kindness
  • Added living crew as a reduction on event kindness
  • Now recolors system borders when you highlight resources. This should make it faster and easier to see what systems are involved with what resources
  • Added CRT effects to main menu and ship building
  • Added short animation to end of minigame
  • Added game speed controls to the HUD
  • Added controls for flipping between Crew or Systems on top One step closer to release.


  • Increased animation speed for engines and waste cannons while the injector's effect is active
  • Changed a bunch of events that required engines to also allow waste cannons
  • Changed Gyms into [Passive] systems, seeing as there's no reason to turn them off (for all the cruel AIs out there: you can still use ignore alerts if you want your crew to neither use nor repair gyms)
  • Changed Toilets into [Passive] systems, for the same reason as Gyms
  • Increased effect of lost progress on event kindness
  • Increased effect of broken systems on event kindness
  • Changed Use alerts so they can turn on systems (fewer clicks ftw)
  • Overdrive now automatically turns off when system turns off
  • Rephrased a sentence in the Tutorial (This will probably be moot after I replace the tutorial)
  • Changed menu button colors (because I felt like it)
  • Reduced volume of Generator audio
  • Flipped direction of time loss penalty animation in minigame


  • Fixed overdriven systems being enabled and repaired on load
  • Fixed negative momentum ending the game
  • Fixed minor typo in opening story
  • Fixed a Story event that was mislabelled as "Unknown"
  • Fixed event kindness so it increases as you have fewer resources compared to storage capacity
  • Fixed VFX from upgrading to Unity 5.6.1p1
  • Fixed Overdrive commands so they always turn on systems, if not already on
  • Fixed mouse pings on main menu
  • Fixed an outline-related crash
  • Fixed a crash from invalid crew heal attempts (and a few other potential causes)
  • Fixed bug that gave out free Fireball achievement on some failed runs (oops)
  • Fixed bug that delayed some system audios
  • Fixed rare bug that prevented the minigame from ending

- - - -

One step closer to release.

I never did finish those tools I was working on at the end of last month. Soooooon

I'm setting an ambitious schedule for myself (see my blog post). Let me know what to prioritize on my list.

Up next:
I plan to improve the controls and revamp the tutorial. Then on to more content! (And, of course, lots of little polish here and there)




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Version 0.6.2 Jul 01, 2017

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