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Pat Scott's Roller Portfolio

A bounce through highlights in my body of work, with a challenging twist. · By Stralor


Recent updates

Leaderboards - v1.0.9
I've added Leaderboards and Trophies, powered by GameJolt. Don't worry, you don't need a GameJolt account to score on the leaderboards: by default, custom guest...
1 file — 1.0.9
Release (1.0.7)
I made a few minor tweaks, like changing the calculation for bounce audio, adding a splash screen, and moving the jams checkpoints in a bit. This is it; this is...
1 file — 1.0.7
Minor Update
Volumetrics shader still acting up compiler-side... but doesn't seem to have much effect on the built game, so it's zero-priority now. Lowered the portals a lit...
1 file — 1.0.6
A bunch of gameplay and rare crash fixes. Also added a couple more railings in DA World. Next up: fixing a shader that breaks at compile time...
1 file — 1.0.5
1.0.3 - RC2
Heh, slight bug fix. Hopefully a few more crop up before I push this live (and not after)...
1 file — 1.0.3
1.0.2 - RC1 + Sanity Check
It's done. (?) (!) Oh god I hope it's done. Finally moved this project to butler for auto-upload...
1 file — 1.0.2
Final Portfolio Feedback Round
Moving in on the end here. Portfolio stuff is all done and now I'll be fleshing out the challenge stuff. Would love last minute polish fixes and feedback! Ditch...
1 file
KF World, DA Drafting, Feedback Tweaks
Had a lot of feedback saying the controls were overly difficult. Did a bunch of work on that, camera, and content...
1 file

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