A downloadable portfolio for Windows

This is my portfolio, current as of Summer/ Fall 2018. It is also a game.

The controls and auto-camera are intentionally a little hard to handle. With some patience, the portfolio sections will be a breeze. (NB: there are some reports that players might not be able to jump if "filter keys" is on in Windows settings — turn it off!)

Now if you enjoy smashing your keyboard in frustration (or speedrunning), I recommend checking out the challenge level.

If you get a Triple Crown, let me know! I'll buy you a beer whenever we cross paths in the real world.

WASDMovement (Pitch, Roll)
QESpin + Float (Yaw)
Shift / RMB[Hold] Freelook
FScreenshot, saved to desktop
RReset (Challenge mode only)

Disclaimer: this game is a bit resource heavy, mostly due to in-game video playback and ridiculous amounts of volumetric lighting. Lower-end computers may struggle or have reduced framerates.


roller-portfolio-windows-x64.zip 270 MB
Version 1.0.9 Aug 25, 2018

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